11 Delicious Ways to Eat Your Homegrown Sprouts

Not only are they healthy, but sprouts are also incredibly versatile. Here are 11 ways to incorporate sprouts into your cooking.

Backslop Romance | Fermentation, Inoculation, and Henrietta the Sourdough Starter

In more humble corners of the globe, far from French vineyards, I once had a relationship with a sourdough starter that lasted five years. A sourdough culture becomes more complex with age, and as time went by, she (yes, she—around her first birthday I named her Henrietta) developed her own unique flavor.

The Fight to Keep Food Fresh | Notes from a Traveling Fermenter

I’m currently on a bicycle tour through Mexico that will last several months, and of course, I’ve been making and eating fermented vegetables along the way without even a cooler. Transporting glass would be foolish, but a couple stainless steel food canisters will be sturdy and friendly to acids and microbes. I plan to learn and share local recipes I find along the way on this blog.


We started as a family business created by a bioengineer living on a homestead in one of the remotest areas in the Lower 48. When “running to the store” is a 4-hour drive, every purchase must be a robust and functional investment. Here at Trellis + Co. we design products worth investing in.

Our lifestyle inspired our line of garden-to-table kitchen tools.  As gardeners, cooks, and canners, we develop creative solutions to our own kitchen conundrums and pass on that wisdom to you.  Also, since we’re kind of obsessed with the planet, our products are designed to last a lifetime—keeping money in your pocket and garbage out of landfills.

 As word has spread about our products we found we were spending more time working the business and less working the land. We decided to partner with another company, True Leaf Market, as the exclusive supplier of our products. True Leaf’s Mountain Valley Seed Co. has been the source for much of our garden and their Handy Pantry brand has been a great supplier of the seeds we sprout. Partnering with True Leaf allows us to work our homestead and continue to create the products we want to use.

Sprouting Jar Lid Kits

This updated version of our Sprouting Kit fits securely on any brand of mason jar and is easy to install and remove.  Our sprouting kit was born out of a quest for durable efficiency. When not in use, mason jars take up a lot of space so we reuse them as often as possible. We avoid plastic because it always breaks. Because mason jars are so versatile, this kit also works great for sifting or drinking loose-leaf tea.

Fermenting Lid Kits

We live in a small space so having a special crock or other apparatus just for fermenting seemed ridiculous and expensive!  Our fermenting lids fit on any wide mouth jar from 8oz to 64oz so you can easily customize your batch size.

Cold Brew Coffee Kits

We didn’t just take a bunch of other products and combine them in a kit, we designed our brewing system with mason jars in mind from the ground-up! This is the most elegant, durable, and simple cold brew system out there because we designed it that way!

Stamped Solid Mason Jar Lids

Mason jar use has exploded over the past several years as cooks and crafters explore the unlimited possibilities of the humble canning container. With this explosion of mason-ic interest came a variety of jar accessories. What makes our lids different? First of all, they are manufactured out of durable, 100% stainless steel that won’t rust and wear out over time. Secondly, we’ve included a silicone sealing gasket to insure a leakproof experience.

Stamped Mason Jar Rings

These are custom-stamped so you won’t confuse them with your normal metal bands! All the other stainless rings on the market are easy to confuse with non-stainless rings and can cause unwanted rusting.

These are the only rings on the market made from medical-grade 316 Stainless Steel. We also made them 30% thicker than normal rings so they can handle anything you can throw at them (or throw them at).

Fermented Hot Sauce With Serrano Peppers

This fermented hot sauce is meant to be powerful. A little smear will do for all but the most durable pallets. Add a spoonful to cooked rice or beans, spread a bit on an omelet, swirl some into sour cream or plain yogurt, or incorporate into a marinade for sautéed/grilled vegetables and meat.