Cold Brew Coffee Kit



Complete Cold Brew System

Our kit comes with a super heavy-duty 304 Stainless woven wire filter (none of that flimsy screen-like mesh found in nearly all other “filters”), a beautiful custom stamped 316 Stainless Steel lid, and gaskets to keep your cold brew mason jar leak-free while brewing or drinking on the go! Add your idle mason jars and you’re ready to brew!

Easiest to Clean + Dishwasher Safe

Our woven wire filter has the cleanest seam on the market (no wild wires poking out to stab you) which means it’s the easiest to wash and handle.

Better Than Plastic

Like all our products, our cold brew kit is 100% Stainless Steel with removable silicone gaskets (all BPA-free) and is designed to last a lifetime!



Reusable + Eco-Friendly + Cost Effective

Ditch the plastic! Ditch the disposables! There’s no fragile borosilicate glass or plastic containers here, just good old mason jars. It’s compatible with both quart jars (1:2 max. coffee ratio) and half gallon jars (1:4 max. coffee ratio) so you can use whatever jars you have on hand. Easily expand by adding an additional mason jar so you can have an infusion in hand while the next one brews.




Why Our System?

We didn’t just take a bunch of other products and combine them in a kit; we designed our brewing system with mason jars in mind from the ground-up. This is one of the most elegant, durable, and simple cold brew systems out there because we designed it that way!


Why Cold Brew Coffee?  At our home, we call it “Afternoon Delight.”

If you don’t know how amazingly different and smooth cold brew is compared to hot extract coffee . . . well, there’s apparently a lot of things you’re missing out on.


Why Mason Jars?

When not in use, mason jars take up a lot of space so we reuse them as often as possible. We live in a small space so having a special pitcher or other apparatus just for cold brew seemed ridiculous and expensive. When your filter isn’t in use, just store it inside one of the mason jars in your cupboard!  Unlike other filters ours is designed for use with both newer quart and half-gallon wide mouth jars so brew any batch size you want!

The Perfect Gift for a Coffee Snob

Our Cold Brew System comes packaged and ready to please the pickiest of coffee elitists.  The kit arrives in a lovely box that includes instructions + tips + recipe.

And, as all true coffee lovers know, cold brew is superior to iced coffee, so cultivate some caffeine and look good while doing it with our on-the-go lid.

What's In the Package?


  • 1 x Heavy-Duty Woven Wire Filter (304 Stainless teel)
  • 1x Precision-Stamped Wide Mouth Lid (316 Stainless Steel)
  • 1x Silicone Gasket for Filter (Food Grade)
  • 1x Silicone Gasket for Lid (Food Grade)
  • Full color printed box with instructions and recipe

This kit does not include mason jars.


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Remember: All of our products come with a 100% Lifetime Warranty!

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Cold Brew Season Has Arrived

Yesterday, I saw my sidewalk for the first time in four months.  We’ve had an incredibly snowy winter, and my attempts to shovel always turned into a snowball fight — me versus my two-year-old son and our dog.  The melting snow inspired me to stick a batch of cold brew in the fridge to steep overnight.  Of course, I used my Trellis + Co. Cold Brew Coffee Filter Kit and course ground coffee from local roaster, Caffe Ibis. This morning, I was delighted to see the first spring flowers sprouting up in our garden.  I poured some cold brew over ice, added a splash of freshly milked cream, and relaxed in the morning sun.  Warm, soothing, glowing sunshine paired with blissfully cold, dark, caffeinated goodness. In celebration of Cold Brew Coffee season, I want to introduce you to the Cold Brew Coffee Kid, Mike Cooper.  He has some sophisticated cold brew recipes that I just love. Now that spring has motivated me into full blown cold coffee mania, I will now be posting my own creations and recipes.  If you already own one of our Cold Brew Kits, please let us know about your own caffeinated concoctions.   BUY NOW ON AMAZON   Tanya Collings is a mother, homesteader, author, and real person. She is the Customer Satisfaction Manager, Multi-Tasking Marketing Guru, and Job Position Name Generator for Trellis + Co. You may contact her at... read more

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