Yesterday, I saw my sidewalk for the first time in four months.  We’ve had an incredibly snowy winter, and my attempts to shovel always turned into a snowball fight — me versus my two-year-old son and our dog.  The melting snow inspired me to stick a batch of cold brew in the fridge to steep overnight.  Of course, I used my Trellis + Co. Cold Brew Coffee Filter Kit and course ground coffee from local roaster, Caffe Ibis.

Adding course ground coffee to the filter. The suggested ratio is 1:4 coffee to water.

This morning, I was delighted to see the first spring flowers sprouting up in our garden.  I poured some cold brew over ice, added a splash of freshly milked cream, and relaxed in the morning sun.  Warm, soothing, glowing sunshine paired with blissfully cold, dark, caffeinated goodness.

The season of cold caffeine.

In celebration of Cold Brew Coffee season, I want to introduce you to the Cold Brew Coffee Kid, Mike Cooper.  He has some sophisticated cold brew recipes that I just love.

Now that spring has motivated me into full blown cold coffee mania, I will now be posting my own creations and recipes.  If you already own one of our Cold Brew Kits, please let us know about your own caffeinated concoctions.




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