Fermenting Kits – Now Available on Amazon!

I compiled this list of my favorite recipes that work wonderfully with our new Stainless Fermenting Lid Kit.  These recipes are designed for mason jar fermenting, and so you can follow these directions exactly while using our product.  The only difference:  with our lids you needn’t bother “burping” your jars every day.  Click here for more tips + tricks on using our fermenting kits with your favorite recipe.

1. Raw Cranberry Apple Chutney by Makesauerkraut.com

Photo from Holly Howe’s recipe on Makesauerkraut.com.

2. Rhub-Herbal Kombucha by Phickle

Photo from Phickle.com.

3. Easy Fermented Dill Pickles by Clean Slate Farm

Photo from Cleanslatefarm.com

4. Apple + Juniper Berry Sauerkraut by Paleo Leap

Picture from Paleoleap.com

5. Fermented Mixed Berries by Nourished Kitchen

Photo from Nourishedkitchen.com


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