Fermenting Kits – Now Available on Amazon!

Our Fermenting Kits recently hit the market, and we have compiled a few tips + tricks to inspire your fermenting festivities.

Our Lids Have Skills

Trellis + Co. Fermenting Lids may be used with most mason jar fermenting recipes.  So what is the difference between using our products and regular canning jar lids?  When using typical canning lids, you must “burp” (excuse me!) your jars everyday  to release carbon dioxide.  Otherwise, your jar may explode!

Our lids burp themselves, which is something my son didn’t figure out until he was 6-months-old.  Our specially designed umbrella valve releases carbon dioxide as it builds up in the jar while simultaneously preventing oxygen and bacteria from invading your ferment.

Steps to Success 

  1. Follow your heart . . . I mean recipe: Prepare your ferment using a mason jar oriented recipe.  Replace the step with “burp once a day” to “check once in a while if you feel like it.”  Our lids will babysit that ferment for you.
  2. Weigh it down: If needed, don’t forget to weigh down your ferment.
  3. Store out of direct sunlight: Unless otherwise indicated, keep your ferment in a cupboard, pantry, or basement where it is out of direct sunlight.
  4. Bubbly Brine: Yes, sometimes brine will escape out of the valves.  This is normal.  Do not be alarmed.  Consider placing a plate or tray underneath your stored ferment just in case.



New to Fermenting? Start With A Simple Sauerkraut

Especially if you are a novice, we recommend starting with something simple like sauerkraut.  Makesauerkraut.com is our favorite resource.  They provide step-by-step directions that work perfectly with our product.

Recommended Websites + Fermenting Communities

Questions? Ask Me!

We pride ourselves on outstanding U.S. based customer service.  In fact, our customer service team is composed primarily of . . . well . . . me!  My name is Tanya Collings, and I am a real person.  You can even stalk me on social media; I don’t mind.  Please contact me at vine@trellisandcompany.com if you have any questions.

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