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Our neighbor is a Harvard-educated author who loves to ferment, so naturally she wrote our comprehensive starter eBook that covers everything you need to know to succeed with your first fermentation, troubleshoot it if you have problems, and integrate ferments with your daily cooking and eating habits.

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We are currently offering a FREE copy of our eBook to our website customers.  It provides specific recipes developed with our fermenting kits and mason jars.


We make our PickleHelix fermenting weights right here in Utah using the ONLY material suitable for surgical tools and commercial fermenting vessels: 316 Stainless Steel.


Don’t settle for plastic junk, this is an investment your grandkids will use. Our mason jar fermenting kit will outlast your wide mouth jars.


The PickleHelix is easily removed for a quick bite and won’t displace brine and cause overflows like glass fermenter weights. They are unbreakable. And they automatically adjust to changing ferment volumes and compress down to the mere thickness of a glass weight if necessary.

What's In the Package?

100% Bio-based Bag
3 Waterless Airlock Lids

3 PickleHelix Fermenter Weights

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Watercress Chimichurri | Mason Jar Fermenting Recipe

This mason jar fermenting recipe is the work of Marina Jade Phillips, Fermenter extraordinaire, using our Pickle Helix and Fermenting Lids. Traditional chimichurri uses oregano, cilantro, and parsley, but this recipe will work with just about any strongly flavored...

The Fight to Keep Food Fresh | Notes from a Traveling Fermenter

Fermentation is a key contender in the battle to keep food fresh. It’s a constant struggle. In a heroic effort to eat a variety of vegetables we load up the grocery cart with vibrant produce. But a week later an unappetizing combination of mold, wilt, and soft squishy rot has replaced the bounty that once filled the refrigerator’s crisper drawer.

Caraway Celery Pickles Recipe

This recipe is the work of Marina Jade Phillips, Fermenter extraordinaire, using our Pickle Helix and Fermenting Lids. While these pickles are delicious on their own right out of the jar, try pulsing some in a food processor into a relish consistency for burgers or...

5 Creative Fermented Food Recipes

I compiled this list of my favorite recipes that work wonderfully with our new Stainless Fermenting Lid Kit. These recipes are designed for mason jar fermenting, and so you can follow these directions exactly while using our product.

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